Värtahamnen Ferry Terminal. Värtan bench, design Nola Värtahamnen Ferry Terminal. Värtan bench, design Nola Värtahamnen Ferry Terminal. Värtan bench, design Nola Värtahamnen Ferry Terminal, Stockholm. Värtan bench, design Nola

Project: Värtahamnen Ferry Terminal, Stockholm
Developer: Stockholms Hamn AB
Architect: C.F. Møller Architects
Landscape architect: Nivå Landskapsarkitektur AB
Year of completion: 2016

One of Sweden’s busiest ferry terminals, Värtahamnen was redeveloped in 2013 and expanded by 85,000 square meters to add a new pier and passenger terminal to the site. Part of the project’s specification was to introduce more green areas to the site and increase the harbour’s green footprint and commitment to sustainability. The new terminal includes a roof terrace that offers views over the city and the sea, and provides a meeting point for city residents and harbour employees. Nola designed the new Värtan bench to provide versatile seating for human traffic and passengers on the move. The bench can be ordered in a range of lengths and variations, with or without a backrest or armrests, prepared for installation on a low wall or concrete plinth, or custom-made to suit specific requirements. With its simple shape, clean lines and understated style, Värtan is a perfect choice for busy environments where versatile seating is required.

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