Project: Badhusparken, Sweden
Client: Vara Municipality
Landscape architect: 
Karavan Landskap
Designer / Artist
: Thomas Bernstrand / Albin Karlsson
Year of completion: 2017

The project began with an open call for art and design concepts that could refresh one of the city parks in Vara’s centre. Vara’s municipality selected the concept submitted by designer Thomas Bernstrand and artist Albin Karlsson, which included interactive outdoor furniture and shelters designed for the park and manufactured by Nola.

The products themselves were designed in response to conversations with local residents, whose input made the park more inclusive and able to accommodate the needs of children and youth. As a result, the finished project is characterised by accessible designs that appeal to people of all ages, whether they experience the park from the comfort of a lounge chair, or enjoy an overview from a distance.

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