Bicycle Parking at MAX IV Laboratory, Sweden Bicycle Parking at MAX IV Laboratory, Sweden

Project: Bicycle Parking at MAX IV Laboratory, Sweden
: Fojab Architects
Architect: Snøhetta
Year of completion: 2016

The MAX Laboratories are national facilities for scientific exploration and academic research. When the new facility design by FOJAB was completed in 2016, Norwegian architects Snøhetta were commissioned to landscape the surrounding terrain. Nola was subsequently invited to collaborate with Snøhetta’s Jenny Osuldsen to develop a discreet bicycle shelter in fibreglass that would complement the new architecture as well as the surrounding landscape. As a result, the Våg bicycle shelter was designed and produced in sections that could be integrated into the site laterally, running parallel to a section of the building’s façade. Jenny Osuldsen also created the Duo bicycle stand especially for the project, a minimal design crafted in unpainted galvanised steel. Both Våg and Duo are included in Nola’s product range.

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