Origami backed bench with lightning Origami backed bench

Projects: Rinkeby viewpoint and broadway, Stockholm
Developer: City of Stockholm
Designer: Thorbjörn Andersson
Landscape architect: Thorbjörn Andersson, Sweco AB
Year of completion: 2017

The Järvalyftet development project intends to renew and connect several neighbourhoods north of Stockholm’s centre. Nola was commissioned to provide public space seating for two of Järvalyftet’s Rinkeby sites: a viewpoint terrace overlooking the surrounding area, and a nearby pedestrian broadway divided by bus routes and flanked by commercial buildings. The sites are dramatically different; the viewpoint is characterised by open space, natural light and trees, while the other site has a distinctively urban feel. Nola linked the sites through a common style, installing customised versions of the Origami backed bench designed by Thorbjörn Andersson. 

The versions of Origami created for the Rinkeby sites were customised, making them unique for each project. The version created for the broadway was wider than standard and designed to be double-sided, making it more inviting and accessible to local residents. The seating made for the viewpoint terrace was designed with lighting units seamlessly integrated into the surface. Manufactured in FSC-certified oiled Ipé, the seats also introduce sustainable materials to each site.

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