Malmö Central Station

Malmö Central train station is one of the nation’s largest rail links. The station’s strategic position on the country’s southern tip makes it a gateway to central Europe, through which 17 million passengers travel each year. The redevelopment of the station (which included a large-scale pedestrian tunnel and two new satellite stations) required public seating and litterbins that resonated with the new architecture. As a result, Nola was commissioned to manufacture products that reflected the new architecture while being robust enough to withstand constant use. Seating such as the Origami bench by Torbjörn Andersson and the Goal backed bench by Thomas Bernstrand were custom-made for specific sites within the station. The streamlined Elbin litterbins designed by Andreas Sture and Olle Anderson were placed strategically through the terminus, while Foga recycling bins by Eva Herdin were laser-cut with words that helped visitors sort items as they threw them away. A customised version of the No 2 bench by Olle Anderson was designed for bus shelters and waiting areas. The overall impact of Nola’s designs made seating and waste bins easy to identify and use, while still complementing the station’s understated architectural features.

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