Wembley Park seating, design Thomas Bernstrand Wembley Park seating, design Thomas Bernstrand Wembley Park seating, design Thomas Bernstrand Wembley Park, design Thomas Bernstrand Wembley Park, design Thomas Bernstrand

Wembley Park seating

Thomas Bernstrand

This impressive tiered seating system creates a space-saving seating arrangement that is as striking as it is practical. Like stadium seats, Wembley combines the staircase and seating in a single expression. The bench-like seating arcs into a sleek curve that gives spectators vantage points in several directions. Whether seating spectators, shoppers, or students during a break, Wembley provides uniquely multi-level seating that can be enjoyed by people in many walks of life.

Length: 190 cm
Depth: 130 cm
Overall height: 78 cm
Seat depth: 45 cm
Weight: 80 kg

Step heights:
Bottom step: 28 cm
Middle step: 53 cm
Top step: 78 cm
Metal parts in frame: 50 mm × 70 mm
Wooden slats: 42 mm x 130 mm (width)
Product number
U22-35 Wembley Park bench oiled oak
U22-36 Wembley Park bench in pine
U22-37 Start-up fee for non-standard colours
Oiled oak, oiled teak or alkyd oil enamel on pine.
The frame is made from recyclable cast aluminium.
The seating is made in oiled oak or alkyd oil enamel on pine.
Other kinds of wood are available upon request.

The painted pine is produced in
standard colours reddish brown NCS S 4550-Y80R, light green NCS S 6010-G10Y, green NCS S 8010-G10Y or light grey NCS S 5502-B.
Additional description number
Specify your choice of wood, ie oiled oak, teak or painted pine.
If choosing painted pine, please state colour:
NCS S 4550-Y80R reddish brown
NCS S 6010-G10Y light green
NCS S 8010-G10Y green
NCS S 5502-B light grey
Other colours are available upon request.
The oiled oak or teak should be maintained regularly, at least twice a year. With time the oak darkens and the teak turns grey. Polyester powder-coated steel can be improved when needed with alkyd oil enamel. Painted pine can be improved when needed.
Wembley Park's tiered benches form a unique space-saving seating arrangement.