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Töre Modern


Low-key, laid-back and nice to look at, this contemporary storage unit provides extra room where space is needed. Töre Modern’s pre-fabricated construction is an efficient design that can be ordered in several sizes. Windows are optional, and the parts are delivered in sections ready for assembly. Töre Modern can be used for conventional storage, bicycle parking, sorting/recycling or as an outdoor workshop.

Sized according to standard Swedish house widths, which are 2.6 m, 3.2 m and 3.8 m. The unit has a depth of 3.8m.
Product number
Ö06-17 Töre Modern, 2,6 m x 3,8 m
Ö06-18 Töre Modern, 3,2 m x 3,8 m
Ö06-19 Töre Modern, 3,8 m x 3,8 m
Ö06-20 Töre Modern window 1st
Supplied in blocks for final installation.
Window 100 cm x 40 cm.
Contact Nola for more details.
Additional description number
90 = Door 90 cm wide
120 = Door 120 cm wide

H = Windows built in right side wall
V = Windows built in left side wall
The standard version is delivered with untreated walls, which must be painted after assembly, and maintained as needed.
Contemporary storage unit that provides extra room where space is needed. Pre-fabricated construction that can be ordered in several sizes.