The Robust backed bench, double-sided version.

Robust backed bench

Peter Westin

A durable, double-sided backed bench made for heavily-trafficked areas, Robust is one of the most hard-wearing benches we produce. Its space-saving design cantilevers seats and backrests from each side of the central support posts, using streamlined steel pieces to secure the seat as they curve into armrests. Robust creates maximal seating within minimum surface area, making it as efficient as it is durable.


Lengths: 142 cm or 182 cm
Width: 65 cm or 130 cm
Height: 93 / 48 cm (adjustable)
Double ground-mounted/ 142 cm long: 158 kg
Single ground-mounted/ 142 cm long: 98 kg
Single wall-mounted/ 142 cm long: 60 kg
Double ground-mounted/ 182 cm long: 182 kg
Single ground-mounted/ 182 cm long: 110 kg
Single wall-mounted/ 182 cm long: 72 kg

The seat measures 74 mm x 74 mm
The backrest measures 74 mm x 125 mm
The frame is made in steel pipe measuring 76.1 mm x 6.3 mm
The bracket is made in steel pipe measuring 38 mm x 4 mm
Product number
U18-09 Robust backed bench 142 cm
U18-10 Robust backed bench 182 cm
U18-12 Steel plate for wall-mounted bench
(Order one plate for each bracket.)
Some assembly required with the bolts included.
The legs are delivered separately.
The bolts required for the ground-mounted and wall-mounted versions are not included.
Available in lengths of either 142 or 182 cm, as
a single- or double-sided bench, with ground-mount or wall-mounted frames.
The frame is made in steel. All steel parts are sand-blasted, zinc-electroplated, yellow-chromed and powder-coated in standard colour black RAL 9005. Other colours are available upon request.
The seat and backrest are made from MDF-H painted in alkyd oil enamel in standard colour black NCS S 9500. Other colours are available upon request.
Additional description number
N = Attachable bench for bolting to concrete
V = Single wall-mount bench
EM = Single ground-mounted / extended legs
DM = Double-ground mounted / extended legs
The ground-mounted versions have extended legs for mounting beneath the ground. The attachable versions can be bolted into a concrete surface or wall-mounted.
Please refer to the assembly instructions.
Repaint with alkyd oil enamel as needed.
Robust is a double-sided backed bench made for heavily-trafficked areas, with a track record of being both comfortable and hard-wearing.