Näckros. Konstmuseet Västerås. Näckros. Näckros. Plantering. Bevattning.

Näckros (Water Lily) planter and water basin

Jan Ostwald

The water lily provided the inspiration for this elegant design made in cast bronze. Over the years, the water lily’s beauty has led to their widespread use as ornamental plants, and now their rounded petals can also be seen in the form of a basin made to contain plants or create a water feature. Whether placed directly on the ground or positioned atop a plinth, the beautiful shape of this design will enhance any outdoor area.

Maximum diameter: 105 cm.
Height: 45 cm.
Weight: 75 kg.
Volume: 170.

The basin has a depth of appr 6 mm - 7 mm
The basin’s edge is appr 16.5 mm thick
Product number
Ö13-40 Water Lily planter natural bronze finish
Ö13-41 Water Lily planter bronze greenish patina
Ö13-42 Water Lily planter bronze brownish patina
Ö13-43 Water Lily planter bronze blackish patina
Ö13-45 Water Lily planter inner container
Ö13-45BT16 Mona 16 l water tank
The water feature version requires some assembly.
The planter can be fitted with a liner and water pump to create a water feature. Näckros can also be ordered with your choice of plinth.
The planter is made in cast bronze. The inner container is made in reinforced plastic 5 mm thick fitted with four foldable galvanised steel hooks.
The water basin version has four countersunk holes drilled in square formation which require four sunken stainless steel M10 bolts. The centre-to-centre distance is 185 mm.
Maintenance not normally required.
Näckros can be placed directly on the ground or positioned atop a plinth. Its beautiful shape will enhance any outdoor area.