The Milan planter is available in a range of colours. The Milan design used as a brazier. The Milan design makes an excellent planter.

Milan planter and brazier

Karin Hernemar

Milan is a multifunctional outdoor design made for year-round use. In the summer it can be used as a planter for flowers, ornamental shrubs and trailing vines, and when winter comes, it functions as a brazier. Its robust construction provides a strong, stable base that doesn’t tip over, and its steel structure is completely fireproof. The brazier can hold charcoal as well as firewood, providing heat and light when needed outdoors.

Diameter: 82 cm
Height: 108 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Volume: 22 l
Product number
Ö13-01 Milan planter/brazier
Ö13-02 Milan inner container for plants
Ö13-01BT2 Milan 2 l irrigation tank
U19-38 Start-up fee for non-standard colours
Fully assembled.
The product can be used as a planter or a brazier.
The frame is made from steel treated with anti-corrosion oil. The bowl is made from 3 mm sheet steel. The inner container is made from fibreglass appr 2 mm - 3 mm thick.
Freestanding. The frame is made with bolt-holes to attach it to the ground. Bolts are not included.
Routine maintenance is not required, but the frame will benefit from being coated with anti-corrosion oil annually.
Milan is a multifunctional outdoor design made for use as a planter in summer or as a brazier in winter.