Loom chair and table, news 2015. Design Mats Aldén Loomchair, design Mats Aldén. Loomchair, design Mats Aldén. Loomchair, design Mats Aldén. Loomchair, design Mats Aldén. Loomchair, design Mats Aldén. Loomchair, detail. Design Mats Aldén.

Loom suite of furniture

Mats Aldén

Inspired by the wooden frames that make up a traditional loom, this contemporary metal chair strikes a perfect balance between functionality and form. The seat and backrest are made from sheets of laser cut steel, combining sleek metalwork with tactile patterns that resemble textile motifs. A version crafted in leather has the hallmarks of a fashion accessory, using brass buckles to hold the backrest in place. Together, they form a comfortable low slung seat that cradles the body. This season a square side table has been added to the series, constructed in a similar style and made with the same motif. Together, they combine sleek metal craftsmanship with tactile motifs to form a low-slung seat.

Height: 80 cm
Height of seat: 40 cm
Width: 52 cm
Width (including armchair): 66 cm
Depth: 75 cm
Weight: 29 kg
Product number
U11-97BL Light blue and grey
U11-97BR Brown and grey
With or without armrest, leather or seat in steel.
Fully performed in suppliers and powder coated steel. Standard color RAL 7035, standard colors on seat and back brown RAL 7006 alternatively blue RAL 5024. Other colors for an additional cost. Armrest can be removed.
Additional description number
A= with armrest
Br= Brown seat and back RAL 7006, standard gray RAL 7035
BL= Blue seat and back RAL 5024, standard gray RAL 7035
L= seat in leather, standard gray RAL 7035
Stands alone / bolted against ground.
Scratches can be repainted with alkyd oil enamel.
Squares, parks, shopping centers, airport lounges and hallways.
Contemporary metal low chair with seat and backrest made from sheets of laser cut steel.