The Haga armchairs are shown with the table and backed bench.

Haga armchair

This sturdy armchair is part of the Haga furniture group, a robust suite of classic designs. The armchair is made for year-round use in gardens, parks and residential landscapes, able to withstand rain, wind, sun and snow. The armchair can easily be taken apart for storage. It is a popular choice for the elderly, as its seat height and robust proportions make it easier for those seated to rise to their feet again.

Width: 62 cm
Depth: 50 cm
Height: 45 / 95 cm
Weight: 15 kg

The wooden pieces in the pine seat and backrest measure 28 mm x 68 mm, and those in the frame measure 55 mm x 68 mm
The wooden parts in the oak version's seat and backrest measure 26 mm x 56 mm and those in the frame measure 55 mm x 65 mm
Product number
U16-51 Haga chair in pine standard colour yellow
U16-55 Haga stainless steel fixtures for securing the legs to the surface
Delivered in prefabricated parts that assemble with the pins and bolts provided.
Made in standard colour yellow, alternatively in white painted pine or oiled oak. The armchair can be paired with the table and benches in the Haga furniture group.
In yellow-glazed pine, pine painted with white alkyd oil enamel, or alternatively, oiled oak.
Additional description number
E = Oiled oak
V = White alkyd oil enamel
Freestanding. To secure the armchair to the ground, please order the ground-mounting fixtures for Haga in stainless steel, product number U16-55, one set of four pieces.
Yellow-glazed pine and oiled oak should be re-oiled as needed, while the white alkyd oil enamel coating can be repainted with alkyd oil enamel as required. Oiled oak darkens over time.
This durable armchair is made for use in gardens, parks and residential landscapes, and can easily be taken apart for winter storage.