Egypt outside the Opera in Gothenburg. Design Jan Ostwald The Egypt planter at Millesgården, Stockholm  The Egypt planter. Design Jan Ostwald The Egypt planter. Design Jan Ostwald  The Egypt planter. Design Jan Ostwald Egypt planter with Tessin. Design Jan Ostwald Egypt planters shown in varying heights. Design Jan Ostwald The Egypt planter at Rinkeby, Sweden. Design Jan Ostwald

Egypt planter and water basin

Jan Ostwald

The pyramids and dessert sands of ancient Egypt provided the inspiration for this urban planter, created by turning a pyramid-shaped form upside-down.  The planter can hold water as easily as it can contain earth, making it a versatile feature for any terrace or garden. Made from COR-TEN steel, the ashtray’s surface oxidises over time to create a beautiful weathered patina. The planter can be fitted with an inner container and irrigation tank to keep the compost moist.

Planter: 120 cm x 120 cm x 50 cm
Frame: 41cm x 41 cm x 26 cm
Overall height: 60 cm
Weight: 158 kg

Planter: 120 cm x 120 cm x 50 cm
Frame: 41 cm x 41 cm x 85 cm
Overall height: 120 cm
Weight: 184 kg

Planter 120 cm x120 cm x 50 cm
Frame: 41 cm x 41 cm x 143 cm
Overall height: 180 cm
Weight: 205 kg

The COR-TEN steel is 4 mm thick. The solid steel components in the frame measure 20 mm x 20 mm
Product number
Ö13-05 Egypt planter height 60 cm
Ö13-06 Egypt planter height 120 cm
Ö13-07 Egypt planter height 180 cm
Ö13-08 Egypt planter inner container
Ö13-15 Egypt water basin height 60 cm
Ö13-16 Egypt water basin height 120 cm
Ö13-17 Egypt water basin total height 180 cm
Ö13-19 Egypt planter w/ powder-coated frame
Ö13-05BT16 Egypt 16 l irrigation tank
The planter/water basin is made in one size but available in three different heights: 60 cm, 120 cm and 180 cm.
The planter is made in 4 mm COR-TEN steel. The frame is made in hot-dip galvanized steel pipe measuring 20 mm x 20 mm.
Freestanding. The standard frame is secured to the ground through a bolt-hole in the centre of the base plate. If a bolt-hole is not required, please advise us when you place your order.
When used as a water basin, the unit requires regular cleaning, as the steel may initially discolour the surface beneath the planter. For best results, surround the unit with gravel, sand or soil. Note that stains on granite can be washed away with a solution containing 10% hydrochloric acid.
Egypt is a perfect shape for plants, flowers and blossoming vines, and its watertight construction makes it ideal for use as a water feature or fountain.