New Products from Nola 2022


During Southern Sweden Design Days in Malmö, May 19th — May 22nd, Nola are launching three new products for the public realm. Two new furniture systems has been designed by Thomas Bernstrand, one for indoor spaces and one for streets and courtyards. Nola is also introducing a new modular system for pocket parks and temporary public spaces. A system that can be repainted, repositioned and extended over time, making it part of a sustainable circular economy with minimal impact on the environment.

The Tube

Furniture System
Designed by Thomas Bernstrand

With its round shape and tactile surfaces, the modular The Tube system appears to snake its way through spaces as it provides seating for interiors of all sizes. The system consists of two parts, a straight section and curved section, each made to connect and create a wide range of shapes and configurations. Designed with flexibility in mind, the seating can be upholstered in a choice of fabrics and colours. The base is fitted with robust fasten­ers that secure it permanently to the surface. The Tube’s base is elevated several centimetres above the floor, making it easy to clean under and around the seating. The design makes it easy to remove upholstery for cleaning, ensuring that the seating remains in good condition over time.

Läs mer om The Tube här.


Modular Urban Spaces
Designed by Nola Studio

Making space for the temporary, the imaginary and the un­expected, the multipurpose Parklet system can be installed in a wide variety of environments. Parklet is a unique public space structure that offers a frame for climbing plants while also providing supports for screens, sunshades and rain protection. Parklet can be seen from a distance, creating an architectural way finder that can draw visitors from the entrance to other parts of the site. The structure is also a great choice for children’s play areas, pocket parks and urban green areas within the city. Parklet can be repainted, repositioned and extended over time, making it part of a sustainable circular economy with minimal impact on the environment.

Read more about Parklet here.


Furniture System
Design Thomas Bernstrand

As its name suggests, the Perpendicular park bench is formed by components aligned at 90° angles. Sleek wooden slats form a seat and backrest positioned at angles that make seating more comfortable and ergonomic. The steel parts join together without any visible welds, giving the bench a sleek appearance. The benches can be complemented by optional tabletops on either side. With its streamlined proportions and contemporary details, Perpendicular is a perfect complement to modern architecture. The park bench and backless bench, together with the side tables, can be interconnected to form lengths in a variety of sizes and configurations.

Read more about Perpendicular here.

Stockholm Design Week 2022


During Stockholm Design Week 2022 Nola launched two new seating designs by Mats Aldén. The seats are created to facilitate meetings between people and seat them in comfort as they interact together. The new products are additions to the Low/High series, a group of designsrevolving around community building as they add vegetation and greenery to urban outdoor environments.

Playfulness, diversity and variety are always present in Nola's designs. These characteristics resonatewell with Mats Aldén's design process:

‘I think both playfully and practically during my design process. These are things I want the user to experience as they come in contact with the furniture. Of course the main concern is to create afunctional seat that provides the user with a place to sit and relax. Playfulness is more aboutinteraction. For example, in a product that invites a range of different creative uses,’ says Mats Aldén, designer of the Low/High series.

The High Sunchairs can divide space or be clustered together to create an environment for socializing with others.

High Sunchair

Designed by Mats Aldén

The High Sunchair is an evolution of the Low chair, a complementary low-slung seat for relaxing outdoors. The difference between the two seats is that the Sunchair is more similar to a deck chair, evoking warm-weather resorts, swimming pool terraces or lush green courtyards. Sunchairs can be placed in groups for conversation or to create spaces for socialising in parks, gardens or urban spaces.

Read more about the High Sunchair here.

High Round Bench

Designed by Mats Aldén

The Round seating design adds something fundamental to the Low/High series. Although Round is conceived as a seat, it can provide a round platform with a range of potential uses. Round can be installed in its original whole version or as an integrated seating/planter design. As a result, Round provides a flexible seating system forurban squares, city parks, roof terraces and courtyards.

Read more about the High Round Bench here.

The High Round Bench is available as a full circle and as a semicircle. It can add a playful seat or planter to urban environments.

New Products for Urban Parks and Gardens


Stockholm Design Week 2022 gives us an opportunity to revisit the new designs by Anki Gneib’s launched last Autumn. The collection consists of a planter, a cluster of seating and a granite bench. The collection was presented in a beautiful garden courtyard during the Stockholm Creative Edition last Autumn.

The new Rousseau furniture group was inspired by designer Anki Gneib’s own garden in Stockholm.

Rousseau Furniture Series

Designed by Anki Gneib

With their elegant steel frames, the products in our new Rousseau furniture group create a thought-provoking encounters between classic and modern shapes. The furniture group is designed to suit a wide variety ofenvironments, from outdoor cafes and restaurants to city courtyards and urban gardens.

Read more about Rousseau here.

With its elegant retro style, the Rousseau furniture group merges classic and modern shapes.

The Rousseau chair is available with and without armrests.

Via Bench

Designed by Anki Gneib

Inspired by Roman viaducts, our new granite bench Via has a strong architectural presence. Via’s design draws historical references from the architecture surrounding the garden where it was exhibited during the Stockholm Creative Edition last Autumn.

Read more about Via here.

The Via Bench is equally suited to garden environments and architectural settings.

Composed of separate parts, the Via Bench has a strong architectural presence.

Klocka Planter

Designed by Anki Gneib

The new planter Klocka is crafted in sandcast aluminium. The planter is a contemporary interpretation of classic turntables. The surface pattern is made in relief and wraps around the body of the planter and its oversized edge.

Read more about Klocka here.

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