Regular maintenance of our products makes them last longer and keeps them looking great. Outdoor products are subject to environmental factors such as rain, pollen and pollution, making it important to wipe surfaces clean and ensure that corrosion does not take hold. Strong sunlight, bird waste, insects and fungi can discolour outdoor products, so we strongly encourage our customers to consider these factors when establishing a maintenance routine.
We are available to offer advice about how to best care for our products. For care and maintenance instructions, please refer to the Materials category, or contact Nola if you have specific questions. The following section contains a few guidelines to consider:
Rubbish bins and ashtrays should be emptied regularly. Overfilling may lead to damage to the materials surrounding the openings, or corrode the interior.
Outdoor furniture should be wiped clean regularly to discourage fungi, insect infestation and grime. Wood may develop small splits over time, so it is important to clean wooden products and treat them with the appropriate product (please refer to the Materials category).
Metals should be wiped clean with a product made especially to be compatible with a specific material. Stainless steel cleaner, which is readily available, is an example of this. Painted and powder-coated metals can be repainted with alkyd oil enamel as needed. Anodised metal, Rilsan-coated steel and weathering steel should be cleaned with care as robust scouring may cause their surfaces to deteriorate.
Scratched metal can cause the material to corrode, so immediate treatment with the appropriate product is required. Please refer to the Materials category, or seek advice from a builder’s merchant you trust.
Many of our clients store our outdoor products inside during the winter or during wet periods. We recommend that any product stored indoors be wiped clean as soon as it is placed in storage to prevent any potential build-up of fungi or corrosion while stored.
Unpainted wood surfaces should be oiled for best results. Painted wood - and wood composites - should be wiped clean to preserve the paint finish and repainted when required to protect the material.
Plastic products can usually be cleaned thoroughly with the application of a mild detergent. Strong detergents and commercial cleaning fluids should be avoided as they may discolour the surface or reduce its shine.
Concrete should be routinely cleaned with mild detergent and water. For best results, use a pressurised water jet set on a low-pressure setting to wash away any debris sticking to the surface.